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Normative statements are enormously important in a variety of fields—from law and ethics to artificial intelligence. Reasoning with and about them requires deontic logic, which represents a quite recent area of research. By contrast, for more than two millennia, Mīmāṃsā, one of the most important schools of Indian philosophy, focused on the analysis of normative statements.
        The workshop will bring together experts from the fields of Logic, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence and Law for talks and brainstorming discussions. Central questions that will function as guiding threads will be:
(i) How can formal tools, such as mathematical logic or argumentation framework, enhance our understanding of ancient texts?
(ii) And vice versa, what can we learn from ancient analyses with respect to the present quest for reasoning about laws or ethical machines (e.g. self-driving cars)?
The workshop `Deontic Reasoning: From Ancient Texts to Artificial Intelligence’ is part of the project Reasoning Tools for Deontic Logic and Applications to Indian Sacred Texts.
This event is funded by the WWTF, Universität Wien, VCLA, IKGA, TU Wien and Wolfgang Pauli Institute:

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WWTF Vienna Science and Technology Fund