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Reasoning Tools for Deontic Logic and Applications to Indian Sacred Texts

Current group members
Logic member teamKees van Berkel, PhD student (funded by the DK LogiCS)
Logic member teamAgata Ciabattoni, Principal Investigator
Logic member teamJosephine Dik, PhD student
Induism member teamMarco Ferrante, Researcher (funded by the FWF project “Universals in Indian Philosophy of Language”)
Induism member teamElisa Freschi, Project Partner
Logic member teamXavier Parent, Researcher (funded by the FWF Lisa Meitner grant ``Axiomatizing conditional normative reasoning'')

Former group members
Logic member teamTiziano Dalmonte, (Univ. Marseille, Ernst Mach Stipendium from Oead)
Logic member team Francesca Gulisano, PhD student (SNS Pisa, Ernst Mach Stipendium from Oead)
Induism member teamRafał Kłeczek, PhD student at the Vienna University
Logic member teamBjörn Lellmann, Researcher
Logic member teamMaya Olszewski, PhD Student
Induism member teamSudipta Munsi, PhD student at the University of Cagliari, Italy
Induism member teamAndrew Ollett , Researcher
Logic member team Matteo Pascucci, Researcher
Induism member teamShishir Saxena, Researcher